Sani pass



// Nikon D7200 | -29.58216 : 29.28429 | alt. 2875 m

Driving on the roof of Africa as they call it. Such a good name since this is the highest place in southern Africa.
A few very high passes on the way (one above 3300m !) which I had to climb in second gear, while keeping an eye on the engine temperature.
It is a now a daily routine to see how much water is left in the radiator :p Poor mister fox doesn’t like mountains and cold, it’s never easy to start his engine in the morning.

On the way is Afriski, the only ski resort in Africa, with snow most of the year, but not enough at the moment to try it. Too bad, it would have been a nice experience !

Once in Sani pass, there is not much here, just a very small village, the border post, and a lodge (with expensive prices). I still had time to cross the border, but this place is on the edge of the Lesotho plateau, sitting above 3000m, and South Africa down below. Many trails in the area but as usual, no map, no sign on trails, and they charge 50$ for guided hike….. I’ll try my luck alone, freely walking along the edge of the plateau, with stunning views all the way…… Down below is the Drakensberg national park, where I’m expecting to spend at least a week, hiking most of the famous trails.
I still hope to get a visa extension once in SA, but it won’t be easy.

Time to say goodbye to Lesotho, for the occasion, I paid for diner at the lodge (must be one of the most expensive meal of my life).
Surprising little country, with smiles over every faces, but such a poor country sees foreigners as a huge income and they charge us a very steep price for anything. Due to the geography of the country (basically high mountains everywhere), it’s not easy to bushcamp, and you also have to consider the safety factor : being a foreigner = lot of money, so people may attack you. It happened to others….. and every local told me to avoid bushcamping.
It was still a magical place !

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