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Lake Kivu



// Nikon D7200 | -1,73381 : 29,27317 | alt. 1463m

The rally was over, Uwe and I were going back to Kigali. He’s driving south back to South Africa, and this will give me a chance to say goodbye to Yann and Jeanne. We did a bit of climbing on the way, and oh boy am I rusty 😀 But I’m glad we took that detour, as always, Rwanda is stunning of beauty.

After a final goodbye, it was now time to see the rest of Rwanda, which was mostly the beautiful coast along lake Kivu.

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Huye rally

  // Nikon D7200 | -2,60891 : 29,73706 | alt. 1750m Before the rally starts, Julianne and I went for a small visit of the area, this place is also famous for what happened during the genocide. 65000 Tutsis were sent to the main school where the french army would protect them. It was a trap,…

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  // Nikon D7200 | -2,06724 : 29,35607 | alt. 1509m At last we left Kigali for good, and we drove west to the south tip of lake Kivu. Mostly premium highway, and it became a bit boring. The landscape is amazing, hundreds of green hills all around…. it would be a shame not to explore…

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Starting a friendship with a thermostat

  // Nikon D7200 | -1,94093 : 30,06518 | alt. 1440m Time to cross the border, we applied online for an evisa (3 days process) to Rwanda. Surprisingly here, the whole immigration process for both sides takes place in one building ! How convenient ! With Tanzanian and Rwandan customs sitting next to each others,…

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