Huye rally



// Nikon D7200 | -2,60891 : 29,73706 | alt. 1750m

Before the rally starts, Julianne and I went for a small visit of the area, this place is also famous for what happened during the genocide. 65000 Tutsis were sent to the main school where the french army would protect them. It was a trap, and the army wasn’t there to help, well at least not the Tutsis…. 45 000 were killed on site.
All the skeletons are still here….. Not something you see every day. The scale of it is beyond imagination.

The silence of death got disturbed by a few loud engines revving nearby, the first pilots are coming for the rally. Time to swallow that hard pill and meet everyone.

The main hotel with its restaurant and bar is now the meeting point for all this crowd ! Loud engines banging in the background, and we meet again with Yann, and his pilot Jean Jean. Jeanne also came to support them, along with Gogo.

On the first day, I went early to get a prime access to one of the best curves. A bit too early perhaps….. hundreds of kids started running down the hills to meet us… Once we stepped outside, we had this huge and dense disc of kids followings, all these eyes looking at us. A really intense experience ! They are full of fear, curiosity, and yet so excited. The concept of private space doesn’t exist here, and as Uwe suggested, always make large gestures when you move to clear the space around you, otherwise you will end up like sardines in a tin can. Such an encounter !
I’m glad our friends quickly came by to break the weirdness of the situation.

Yann and Jean Jean will run in the toyota celica n°06, which I will follow closely for 2 days and 1 night 🙂 Uwe also made it to Huye, and he’ll stay with us.
We’ll have a steady supply of local beers, enough to stay in this crazy mood all the time 😀 The crowd is super cheerful and enthusiast, It’s clearly a big event here for the locals, for us as well.
This is my first rally, and an amazing experience. Yann had a different experience with technical issues on the toyota but they still did a very few excellent runs 🙂
This is one of the highlights of the entire trip for sure……

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