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Mushroom Farm


// Nikon D7200 | -10,58662 : 34,13493 | alt. 1094m

Time to visit the most famous place in Malawi, the mushroom farm near Livingstonia. We are not really sure why, but everyone keeps talking about it, and it just seems unmissable.
Just a quick drive from here, but we knew the last 10 kms up the plateau would be really bad, fact is, the road was impassable a few months ago….

It was indeed a really tough drive, gaining 700m over 10kms, all done in low gear. As expected, mister Fox was fabulous.
It’s already dark, we don’t have much time to enjoy the place, Ralph is staying in a lovely tree house on the edge of the cliff, and we made a bbq next to the vehicles with warm beers (house specialty, disgusting), sharing a bit of the overlander experience with Ralph. At least, the red wine was fine 🙂

Next morning, it was time to say goodbye to my friend Ralph, and to drop him by the highway at the foot of the plateau. It was already hard to leave him, but this shitty day was just about to start. On the way up, I lost my water tank, which is no big deal if I can get it back, but it was already too late. By the time I drove back, someone already stole it ! After hours spent on this bad road, I gave up and went back up to our campground, and that’s where something broke in the front axle….. I now have my 4 wheel drive disengaging for no reason on every big bump…..
No more water in the van, no more 4wd, with Tanzania nearby and the sahara in a few months, adventure is just about to start !

That being said, mushroom farm is a truly nice location, with amazing views and lovely chalets. However, it seriously lacks a few things like cold fridge, proper supplies, restaurant is only vegetarian, internet works from 9am to 10am, then 4pm to 5pm, but completely useless, too slow to even download an email…… It’s technically a good place for meditation, but then why the bar with loud music ?
I’m still confused. I cannot really say anything after all this bad luck on the van, the anger is just too strong, and I’m just unable to appreciate this place to his true value.
Right now, I’m with friends, and that’s all that matters.

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Nkhata bay

  // Nikon D7200 |34.30428 : -11.61205 | alt. 516m Two days drive, a night in the bush high up in a forest (and some fresh air for the first time since a while), just enough to remind us how we miss bush camping. As much as I enjoy parties by the beach…….. I didn’t come…

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Cape Maclear

  // Nikon D7200   |-14.031 : 34.83053 | alt. 494 m First impression is not always the best, and can be misleading. This is what happened when we arrived in Cape Maclear. We made it 2 hours before sunset, crossing the back of the village, which looks like a slum… and then, once on the beach,…

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Summit of Malawi, Mt Sapitwa

  // Nikon D7200 |-15.94856 : 35.59056 | alt. 3002m The plan is to drive south of Malawi as far as we can, and then slowly make our way north to Tanzania. So here we are in Likhubula, next to Mulanje, the most popular trail head on the west side of the famous Mulanje massif. A…

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