Nkhata bay



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Two days drive, a night in the bush high up in a forest (and some fresh air for the first time since a while), just enough to remind us how we miss bush camping. As much as I enjoy parties by the beach…….. I didn’t come for this, and I miss our little fire every night.
Anyway, it was not yet time to live like a bushman. After a few lovely days with Ralph in Cape Maclear, we decided to meet up in Nkhata bay for another round !
The place to stay is Mayoka village, lovely paradise by the lake, properly set for foreigners, but don’t expect to meet locals here since they are not allowed inside !
Food is excellent, free kayaks, cold carlsberg, and a perfect place to hang out. They also have a small floating platform to enjoy sunset, which we did, with a few beers. It didn’t take long for the others to join us 🙂
Sadly, Eiji had stomach issues and he had to stay in his car for a few days…..

A lot of good fun, but for our last night, we wanted something more traditional, so we paid a visit to the butterfly space next door, where locals are gathering for a few drinks and to play pool. We obviously challenged the locals, and we properly lost, with a big smile (yup too many carlsbergs fucks up your angles) and a lot of fun. Definitely a good moment there !

On the first day here, I met Alex, an artist selling paintings of Malawi, and since he said he could make custom orders, I asked for one ! I was a bit suspicious, not expecting this guy to even return, but he did ! And he did this beautiful painting of mister Fox on the beach of lake Malawi. 🙂 Haters gonna hate, but I love it.

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