Bokong pass



// Nikon D7200 | -29.06433 : 28.40553 | alt. 3100m

Back to the national park, I took a guide to hike in the area (yeah, no map, and barely no sign on the trail system). Fact is, you don’t need a guide to hike in Lesotho, it’s very easy to navigate and to find your way, but it was an opportunity to support the local industry, and most importantly, to have a nice chat with a person from Lesotho.
This trail usually takes 8hrs, but I told him I was fit enough to make it faster, which he replied : “alright, let’s see what you can do, and let’s try to make it in 4hrs !”
Beautiful trail with stunning views all around, and a nice chat with my guide. So yeah, we did it in exactly 4hrs 🙂 Walking times are set for South Africans, and anyone hiking a bit should be able to walk 2x faster.

Time to leave, and to go all the way down below 2000m in the northern side of the country. Next part of the journey will be the highest in all southern Africa !

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