Waiting for the van in WBay



// Nikon D7200

On the way out of Sossusvlei, we spent a night a cricket infested area, and I have to say these bloody creatures are really creepy, and as big as your hand. At night, it’s even worst. You scan your area with the beam of a flashlight, clear the crickets out with a stick, and when you think it’s all clear, you may found some more just next to your shoulder. They just love crawling to the most unexpected places, and if possible, where you’re gonna put your hand (top corner of a camping chair, bbq handle, sink tap and so and so…..)

Final drive to Walvis bay, amazing landscapes on the way, and a typical Namibian sky, blue on one side, stormy on the other.
And now waiting for the van.
Since we still have our rental car for another day, we used it one more time to reach dune 7, the biggest in the area, and a good place for breakfast with sunrise 🙂
Our couchsurfer Farah left here since she must return to South Africa very soon, it was nice to meet her and to share southern Namibia all together.

Meanwhile, my friends and fellow overlanders Eiji and Chizu made it to our campground after a few months in South Africa. So good to see them again after nearly 3 years. With their landcruiser and equipment also come a stove, a grill and electricity, a game changer in our routine, finally, hot food every day !

The Orchid Ace docked on time, the 20th, but too late to start any paperwork, and we are friday….. That’s a few days doing nothing here (there isn’t much to do in Walvis Bay, just hundreds of flamingos nearby and we went for a walk to salt fields), not such a big deal for me, but another story for Michael with just a few weeks in Namibia. Fingers crossed, we hope to recover mister Fox next monday…..

But next monday, my agent told me to wait one more day. The reason is, she’s trying to get her friend working at customs to clear my vehicle, which means without question….. If customs have to inspect my van, they will find medication, lot of food from France and wines… which is illegal to import like this.
So next day, my agent came back with a big smile, she’s got her friend, and as expected, no question, just a quick check for the VIN number, and that’s it, no inspection !!!!
There is still a lot to do for my agent, but she’s taking care of everything. I spent the afternoon waiting for news, but nothing. At 6pm, I lose hope….. and that’s when she came in, driving mister Fox !!!!!!
Paperwork was not even done, and I didn’t pay anything so far, but she wanted to give me a nice surprise. Thank you so much Geraldine for your amazing work and this beautiful gift !!!!!

I had the next morning to complete the paperwork, get a special permit to drive a foreign vehicle in Namibia, pay all the fees and it was done in 2hrs, time to leave Walvis Bay for good !!!!!!!

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