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Time to do groceries and to refuel, and we can now start the adventure aboard mister Fox, en route for the Spitzkoppe mountain !
Not a long drive, about 200kms + 50kms on sandy road, fairly easy with the van. But it’s interesting to see the difference between the roads south of Windhoek versus north. The northern part has way more people and villages, but more gravel roads, and some in pretty bad condition.

Spitzkoppe is this very unusual rock formation, unique in Namibia, and it reminds me of the red centre in Australia. Surprisingly, there is no fee to pay to get inside, and campgrounds are scattered around the base, far from each other, and fairly cheap as well. A pleasant surprise, we cannot see or hear anyone else around our camp ! We enjoyed the view at sunset from a lovely rocky hill, probably the best lookout in the area, with a 360 view of Spitzkoppe and it’s surroundings.
Night time was another spectacular view with a clear sky and the milky way stretching all the way to the horizon, a beauty !

Next day was a different story, and after nearly a week doing nothing in Walvis Bay, we took our hiking shoes to climb on top of spitzkoppe.
Well, it looked fairly easy from far away, but once on the slope, the trail was really hard to follow, in fact, we lose it a few times :D, and every 10m we had to figure out which way to go. Not easy to find a way between these giants rocks, with cactus in between, or other very unfriendly plants :p
Finally, about 20m from the top, there was no way to go ! You could see the other side, but absolutely no way to climb the final section ! That was it, a bit frustrating, but it was still a good experience and we needed some exercise 🙂

We had enough sunlight to drive out, going north, and we found a lovely place to camp in the bush. This is getting much more like an African trip !

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