Unexpected meeting in Kruger



// Nikon D7200 | -24.55288 : 31.1064 | alt. 565m

This morning, I decided to go a second time inside Kruger national park, after all, I have the pass, so I don’t have to pay the expensive fee to get in every time !
I didn’t see much that day, but what was completely unexpected is a car overtaking me, with passengers yelling Bonjour at me !
This is how I met Cecile, David, Isabelle and Marie. Later, I met Belinda, my host, along with Chris and Michael. And what a wonderful time with those guys ! It felt like home, real home, and it wasn’t easy to leave…..
So here are a few pictures of this wonderful moments, cruising the Blyde river canyon, getting intimate with animals at the local rehabilitation center, driving the panoramic route, having breakfast with giraffes, and kissing Jessica the hippo !
You know you’re gonna meet people on the way when you overland. However, you got no clue when and where it’ll happen.

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