Khama rhino sanctuary



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Our first proper stop in Botswana is the Khama rhino sanctuary, which is the place where they keep rhinos safe. Because of poachers, there is only a few of them left (around 50 in this very small park), and it will probably be our last chance to spot these animals.
You can visit the park with your own vehicle (self drive safari), and it’s probably the best way to enjoy it. The rules are not so strict compared to South Africa, and if it’s not recommended to leave your vehicle, it’s up to you, you won’t get a fine for that. There is no big predator, we just need to keep a safe distance from whatever we meet on the way.

You didn’t see much during the day, most of the activity happening an hour around sunrise or sunset. We managed to spot a lot of things from a bird hide, and not only birds. The hide is located in front of a fairly small waterhole, and along with many varieties of birds came warthogs, kudus, squirrels and mongoose.
We had lunch out of the vehicles (yup !) 50m away from a waterhole with a few rhinos coming for a drink. But it could still get better than this, we just had to wait a few hours for that.

2 hours before sunset, we went to the northern waterhole, parking 20m away from it, and here we had one of the most beautiful sight, 2 families of rhinos drinking, with huge vultures in the background, lot of birds, and 2 jackals playing with each other. Part of the family was a baby rhino, and when you look closely at his behavior, you could say kids are all the same, whatever they are, humans or rhinos. They mess with everyone, they keep running all over the place, without any control 😀 And his mum is just sitting in a corner like, yeah, sorry, it’s my kid…..

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