Kolmanskop ghost town



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We didn’t wake up early since the ghost town of Luderitz doesn’t open before 10:30 today. That gives us time for a good breakfast in Luderitz, figure out the plan for today, and do the traditional wifi checkup.

A little word about the ghost town. From many websites, it looks like an abandoned town, which it is in fact, but since it’s such a beautiful place, and foreigners love to take pictures of it, they turned it into a business machine : you need to get a permit to get in, giving access from 10:30 to 1pm for 8usd. That’s it, if you wanna take pictures of this place at sunrise or sunset, you have to pay an extra 22usd per person……… yup. Really sad.
We went for a few hours only, and needless to say this place really is stunning. The outside is boring as hell, but the beauty lies inside the buildings, where the sand is filling up rooms painted in various colours. A classic “nature reclaiming civilisation” spot, always a beautiful subject for photographers.

Once 1pm, we were looking for something to do, and after all these days in the desert, covered with dust, we went to Agathe beach, a few kms north of Luderitz. Nice sandy beach, no jellyfish, some seals playing in the waves, and us playing catch with a tennis ball. A refreshing moment more than welcome after all this sand !

On the way back, “quick” stop in Luderitz at the pub. Showers available inside, cheap beers….. we spent a long evening there, having fun with a group of german girls at our table. This pub could be the main attraction in town 😀

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