Source of the Nile



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Driving in Kampala is like an appetizer before going to Nairobi. You have to remember how it feels to get stuck in traffic jams for hours. Nairobi will be the ultimate experience….
For the first time since Malawi (second poorest country in Africa !), I found a supermarket ! You can always get stuff from local markets or on the side of the road, mostly fruits and vegetables, maybe meat…… but you have to cook it for at least 2 hrs to make it edible. And so far, I was still running on my stock from Malawi ! So all those stuff you cannot get on the road, you need a decent supermarket for it. It was probably the most expensive one in eastern Africa, but after a few tough days in Uganda, I needed some extras (like yogurts, chocolate, proper meat, bread…..)

I then went to the Red Chili, a fancy hotel out of town, but with a separate campground. For the first time since Zambia as well, I’ve got access to electricity, and big sinks for laundry, finally !!!! It was about time ! I needed electricity to charge my batteries properly, and I didn’t have any fresh cloth to wear ! It took me 2 days to do everything, clean the van, and relax a bit. It doesn’t help to have thunderstorms passing by every hour…… every time it’s about to dry…. tons of water are pouring down….

Before crossing into Kenya, I had one place to see on the way, a campground on the Nile called “The Haven”, recommended by fellow overlanders Rudi and Martina (which I met at the step town motel in Kigali), and I’m glad I went there ! Stunning lodge with large grassy area to camp, overlooking the Nile and his rapids. This is the source of the Nile, flowing from lake Victoria.
On top of that, the manager offers the camp to overlanders for 50% of the normal price, bargain ! Expensive restaurant (25$ for a meal), swimming pool, cold beers, internet and electricity at my site….. could not get better. And what a place to relax with the sound of crashing water in the distance…. this was what I was looking for after those days in Uganda !

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