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Nkhata bay



// Nikon D7200 |34.30428 : -11.61205 | alt. 516m

Two days drive, a night in the bush high up in a forest (and some fresh air for the first time since a while), just enough to remind us how we miss bush camping. As much as I enjoy parties by the beach…….. I didn’t come for this, and I miss our little fire every night.
Anyway, it was not yet time to live like a bushman. After a few lovely days with Ralph in Cape Maclear, we decided to meet up in Nkhata bay for another round !
The place to stay is Mayoka village, lovely paradise by the lake, properly set for foreigners, but don’t expect to meet locals here since they are not allowed inside !
Food is excellent, free kayaks, cold carlsberg, and a perfect place to hang out. They also have a small floating platform to enjoy sunset, which we did, with a few beers. It didn’t take long for the others to join us 🙂
Sadly, Eiji had stomach issues and he had to stay in his car for a few days…..

A lot of good fun, but for our last night, we wanted something more traditional, so we paid a visit to the butterfly space next door, where locals are gathering for a few drinks and to play pool. We obviously challenged the locals, and we properly lost, with a big smile (yup too many carlsbergs fucks up your angles) and a lot of fun. Definitely a good moment there !

On the first day here, I met Alex, an artist selling paintings of Malawi, and since he said he could make custom orders, I asked for one ! I was a bit suspicious, not expecting this guy to even return, but he did ! And he did this beautiful painting of mister Fox on the beach of lake Malawi. 🙂 Haters gonna hate, but I love it.

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Cape Maclear

  // Nikon D7200 |-14.031 : 34.83053 | alt. 494 m First impression is not always the best, and can be misleading. This is what happened when we arrived in Cape Maclear. We made it 2 hours before sunset, crossing the back of the village, which looks like a slum… and then, once on the beach,…

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Summit of Malawi, Mt Sapitwa

  // Nikon D7200 |-15.94856 : 35.59056 | alt. 3002m The plan is to drive south of Malawi as far as we can, and then slowly make our way north to Tanzania. So here we are in Likhubula, next to Mulanje, the most popular trail head on the west side of the famous Mulanje massif. A…

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