Walvis Bay



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We start this flight with a mistake from Emirates, saying I should claim my bag in Joburg, and go through immigration. That’s a surprise, as long as you make internationnal connections, you should never go to customs. (but happened once in Germany ).
So went to customs in South Africa, got my stamp, and now the clock is ticking ! Once inside, I’ve got 90 days, even if I leave the country, the clock keeps ticking ! And when time runs out, you cannot re enter South Africa, you need to come back from your home country !!!!

All this for nothing, Emirates in Joburg confirmed my bag was already loaded in the plane for Namibia……………… grrrrrr

Final connection to Walvis Bay, Namibia. I literally land in the middle of a desert. No big sand dune (some massive ones in the background), just flat and sandy. The airport is 12kms away for town, and despite the surprisingly low temperature (22.5 celcius), the sun hits hard.

I was expecting lots of taxis, but nope, no one ! I managed to get someone returning to Walvis Bay, and he dropped me to my place, Lagoon Chalet, only campground in town.
Walvis Bay is bigger than expected, like a big american city, but feels empty at the same time. Huge walking distance to the city center…… So my driver, named Bongani, decided to take me to a supermarket, then get a sim card, and we went back to the campground, to share some beers 🙂 We should meet a few times in the next days 😉

The sun is already going down, just time to pitch the tent, setup everything, and make the short walk to the beach (the only thing nearby) Worth the walk ! Hundreds of flamingos are walking on the sand at low tide, with the sun sinking slowly into the atlantic ocean. Love it !

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