Quiver tree forest



// Nikon D7200 | -26.63438 : 15.09162 | alt. 1m

Once in Keetmanshoop, there is not much to see, and one of the very few things to do is visiting the Quiver tree forest and giants playground.
They both are located within the same park, and the biggest surprise was at the reception : a massive warthog and his cub sleeping at the bottom of the main door !
Obviously, one does not simply step over a warthog 😀
But a lady working there came out and nearly kicked the massive beast, so I guess we can get in ?
This place looks more like an animal shelter, and they also have 2 cheetahs.

We went for a quick visit of the Quiver forest, not very dense, however, the quiver trees have a very particular shape, and would fit perfectly into a sci-fi landscape. Next spot, 5kms away, is the giants playground, and old lava formation, making square rocks pilled on top of each others. This looks really unnatural, hence the name, and some particular shapes make up for good photos.

On the way back, Michael talked to the owner (at this point, I passed out after the long night drive and I slept a bit next to the swimming pool) and he told us it would be pointless to visit Etosha these days because of the rain. We’re now in winter, the rain season is officially over since 2 months, but it keeps raining. Too much water means lot of vegetation, and wildlife can spread across the country, chances to spot something are close to none. Instead, we should try to visit the Erindi game reserve, which is fenced, so head count remains more or less the same, whatever the season. Cheaper than Etosha, and more chances to see wildlife for Michael, sounds good to us !

Now down to the coast for Luderitz. We made it a few hours before sunset, just enough to find a good place to camp at point Diaz, for a very cheap price (1 cigarette :p) A local is renovating the place, and he let us stay for 2 nights. Once there, we ended up sleeping next to a dead fishing boat, and it was a wonderful moment to have diner on the deck at night, with a lighthouse and the milkyway in the background, simply magical.

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