Pinche Frances

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// Nikon D7000, nikon 18-200, nikon 50, nikon 10.5 | 31.83006 : -116.60770 | alt. 14m

Le Pinche Frances d’Antonin et Astrid !

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  1. Bea y Ben

    Hey guys!
    you´re already in Ecuador! wow… hey I never got to arrange anything with my brother for Bogota, I´m so sorry, he´s been traveling so much.
    Anyway, I can see all went well. I love your pictures, looking forward to see more of the trip.




    • David et Sylvie

      Hey ! Don’t worry, we were very busy in Colombia, it was amazing. It’s always hard to stay more than one day in the same place.
      Kinda the opposite in Ecuador because we met very friendly people in Ibarra, and we’are still there after 10 days ! We’ll start spanish lessons this week in a school, it’s time to speak correctly now 😀
      How are you guys ? Still enjoying the american dream in Santa Monica ? 😀
      Take care !

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