Great Zimbabwe



// Nikon D7200 |-20.27176 : 30.93058 | alt. 1104m

After we left Bulawayo, we went east to reach Chimanimani national park, but this was a long stretch, and there was still plenty of stuff to see on the way, including the great city of Zimbabwe.
You can camp below the city, with good discount, and there is woodfire to buy, because a bbq at night is the only way to end a day.
You have to watch out for monkeys, they are quick, and will take any opportunity to visit your car and steal some food ! This happened to Eiji and Chizu 😀

If the stone city of Zimbabwe is an impressive sight, the most surprising thing was to see so many locals visiting the place, way more than tourists, a good sign, showing that the local population also cares about their history and culture. As usual in Zimbabwe, everyone is extremely friendly, and you end up having some lovely chats with the locals at every corner 🙂
Love this country !
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