Erindi game reserve day2 & 3



// Nikon D7200

We went on a self drive safari with mister Fox. We spotted many zebras and oryx on the way, but not easy to catch a clear shot, and after a few hours driving slowly, all eyes out, we didn’t see much, apart from a very lucky sight of a rhino family ! And that alone, made the day. On the way back, we went to the 4wd only section, and well, that’s where we saw the limits of mister Fox ! There was a long steep stone road, with massive holes (as deep as our wheels) and massive boulders (bigger than our wheels !!) and despite engaging 4wd and low gears, the van came to a stop facing those massive rocks. That was scary enough to make it here, but doing the same thing in reverse to backup was a hell of another story.

Next day, we decided to go for a guided safari, and it confirmed my thoughts, many animals are tagged, and guides are using a radio equipment to locate them. There was a lot of tourist that day, but we were lucky to be on the small jeep of the scout guide with his radio ! This way, we were always the first on site 🙂 And it started very quickly with a close encounter of a lion couple in the bush, only 10m from the gravel road. Beautiful !
The journey went on, with more lions and cheetahs. Sadly, no elephants (and we know for sure they have a massive herd inside the park)

That’s it for Erindi, time to rush to Windhoek for Mike’s last day. A “quick” stop at a craft market to do some shopping, which ended up being an ambush with dozens of locals jumping at us to sell random things. It took a few hours and hundreds of dollars to get out of this place, but with some pretty nice souvenirs in our bags.

Now back in Urban camp, Windhoek. Back to square 1, with nice shower, wifi, and delicious cuisine, just the perfect way to end this journey with Mike. Safe flight home bud.

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