Victoria falls



// Nikon D7200 |-17.9222 : 25.82591 | alt. 947m

Long stretch of road to reach Victoria falls, maaaaaany police check points, but so far, after dozens of them, no one asked for money or gave us problems. Just a routine check for driving license, and that’s it.
Now, this place was the only one I actually didn’t like in Zimbabwe, and here why. This is the common starting point for people on safaris in the northern Botswana area, lot of tourists, lot of people going to the falls, and everyone is begging, asking for money, sometimes in a very insisting way…… this was a completely different world, and I hated it. The rest of Zimbabwe, which only a few people visit, was a different experience, with smiles everywhere, and locals just glad to see you here, exploring their country.
The waterfall itself didn’t disappoint, even if it’s way smaller and less impressive than Iguazu in Argentina/Brazil, the location is beautiful, with rainforest (no rain here, but the mist from the falls is enough to change the climate in this very small area). Lot of baboons, careful with them ! And a few stunning lookouts…. Still amazing memories, and a nice refreshment in this hot part of the country.

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