// Nikon D90, Tokina 12-24, Nikon 50

As usual now, the wind was mumuse with our car overnight, this time it was even moved ! Next time I'll have to pass a speed in case…
It is not very good this morning, but it is not raining and c is already quite. We faitrapidement some trails to see the glacier high, encounter with a cute little bird that just looks like a kiwi ( and do not steal) then when the time comes, we equip, and start on the glacier with our guide and a small group.
A glacier, c is a lot of traps ! Between the quicksand at the base, crevices, Landslide mills and stones, there is something for all tastes, but the beauty of the place is soon forgotten ca, fabulous blue proteins in crevices 60m depth, the cathedrals of ice that lie ahead of us, a light gilded everywhere, e not a cloud to spoil future !

We leave at the end of day, enjoying the last rays of sun ( because tomorrow it rains re-sniff…) and this time the big surprise, we find ourselves face to face with a piece of ice !!!!! Incredible !!!!
Few seals run between the blocks has drift, while other s stranded on a black sand beach, a true color palette that will culminate in an aurora borealis above the lake, breathtaking….

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