Semonkong waterfall



// Nikon D7200 | -29.84404 : 28.04383 | alt. 2191m

Long and absolutely beautiful drive across the mountains of Lesotho to reach Semonkong. Only 150kms, but it took me a few hours with 50kms of gravel roads and some terrible sections, but even the tar part wasn’t a piece of cake. You can tell no truck is commuting here when you see the gradient at each pass. I had to climb the highest pass in first gear, and despite the very cold temperature here, I nearly cooked the engine…..

Semonkong is one of the most famous place in the country, but the village itself looks more like a South African township….not really appealing. I still have to find the famous waterfall.
Nowhere to park on the side or bushcamp, everything is farms, fields, or tiny villages. This country is definitively not expecting tourists, and the very few lodges around the country charge more than usual south African prices. Not much choice, I went to the only lodge in town, located at the bottom of the valley, by the river. I have to admit it is a very nice location, and the chalets are lovely. At least for the price, I get braai pit and wood for it ! (plus 220v socket and lights)
Before setting on my camp, I took the gravel road to the waterfall…… but didn’t go really far ! That road was nearly non existent, with barely no track to follow, and it quickly turned into a bunch of boulders on a steep hill… At this point I was already in 4wd, low gears, and it didn’t feel safe to continue.
Fair enough, let’s call it a day and have a beer 🙂

The sun quickly went down and kitchen staff was gathering around the fireplace. I joined them, and we had a brief introduction in english, but then they kept talking in sesotho (very different from africaan). I tried a few times to start the conversation back in english, but it was just hopeless, a bit sad. Behind all those beautiful smiles, not one had the curiosity to have a chat with someone coming from the other side of the world.

Next day, I went for the famous waterfall, and oh my god, such a beauty, the whole landscape is breathtaking, …..and it is very tempting to camp here 🙂 Ok, I first went for a walk in the surroundings, just to check the other side of the valley, and see if it looks safe or not to camp…… alright, I have to stay here. No one came to bug me, or worst, to attack me. At 2100m, the night was cold, but THAT view was so worth it 🙂

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