Kruger national park



// Nikon D7200 | -25.03485 : 31.22078 | alt. 468m

A few more hours hiking into Mlilwane reserve, and it was time to go north, quickly leaving Swaziland after only 2 days. Time is running out very quickly, and I have to see if I can get my visa extension……. well, nope 🙁
Cannot believe it, 3 borders, 3 chances, 0 day granted…… So now, I need to plot my route carefully with only 2 weeks left…..
No time to waste, I went straight to Kruger national park, the biggest and most prestigeous park in South Africa.
This park is massive, bigger than Swaziland or Lesotho ! And no fence around, this is nature, animals are free to go wherever they want, and that includes all of them ! The thing is, this park is so huge, it doesn’t make it easier to spot any thing ! In the end, I saw way less wildlife than any other park, but you can get a chance to see any of them. I was very lucky to see a massive female rhino with her baby. Just for that, it was worth visiting the park :O But sadly, no leopard or lion….. I will have to try my luck in Botswana.

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