first sand dunes – road to Windhoek



// Nikon D7200 | -22.55395 : 17.09322 | alt. 1650m

Yesterday was pretty tough. I walked to the other side of the city (1 hour walk under the sun) to meet my agent. She’s gonna deal with all the paperwork on the Namibian side to clear my vehicle. On the way, I met a homeless guy from South Africa, really in a bad shape compared to anyone I met so far. So I gave him half of my groceries, and took some time talking with him. He was almost crying and said he would pray god to protect me. Well looks like it worked and I’m surfing on all those good vibes.
Once at the agency, I met my agent, Geraldine, and it went really well, she was very professional and everything at first, but got excited about my trip, and started looking deeper into the paperwork to make things easier and cheaper. Let’s see if it works, but she managed to save me 250 euros of clearance !
New ETA for mister Fox is the 20th…

Walk back to my campground, 1hr again, and on the way, I decided to buy a six pack to celebrate this huge discount. At the campground, 2 german girls took the spot next to mine, and I went there for a chat with cold beers. Good fun and we spent the evening at what must be the only place to go out in town, the Raft, a huge bar on the ocean. Good to talk to someone after 3 days doing barely nothing facing my tent.

But big day today, I’m getting wheels !
The cheapest I found was europcar at the pelican hotel in Walvis bay, actually cheaper than booking on their website from France, by about 100 euros :p

Taking the car, driving on the wrong side, shit ! Back on the left, ok, it takes a few minutes to get it 😀 Wipers and turning lights…… yeah, well I’ll switch on the wipers every time I wanna turn ahah.

Here we go for a long drive to Windhoek, about 400 kms. The road crosses a desert with massive sand dunes, which may look like the Sahara, and then starts to climb gently to….. 1650m ! The higher I go, the higher the temperature, which went from 18celcius in Walvis Bay to 35celcius at some point. I then drove below a huge cloud pouring all his water, and instantly, the temperature dropped by 10 degrees, with low visibility. The crazy thing is, it was the only could around, the rest of the sky was all blue !!
Now in Windhoek at the Urban Camp. Again, german tourists everywhere in the same toyota hilux with poptop tent on it ! And again, delicious and cheap beer from the tap.
So far so good 🙂

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