Erindi game reserve part1/3



// Nikon D7200

We’re a few months behind the rain season, but it’s still raining in northern Namibia. The huge amount of water allows animals to spread, and a few locals told us to avoid Etosha reserve.
Instead, we’re going to Erindi private game reserve. And the accommodation inside the reserve is a gift from Mike, thanks for this beautiful gift my friend 🙂

On the way inside, after crossing a “Jurassic park style” gate, we had a 10kms drive to the campground, enough to see a group of giraffes on the way. And let me make this clear, there is nothing more relaxing than watching a giraffe, especially when they run, where gravity seems to be different here, the whole thing happening in slow motion. One of the most iconic animal of Africa, so glad we saw them next to the vehicle !

The campground is on another standing than everything we’ve seen so far. Shade for the van (actually not that good since we run on solar panels), fridge and freezer, electric lights, bbq pit, sorry, braai pit (never say bbq in Africa !) and private washroom.
The whole camp is fenced, to protect us from the wildlife, with 2000 volts cables all around, and gates closing from sunset to sunrise (yup, that’s Jurassic park !)
On top of that, the camp circles around a big waterhole, where ” some” of the animals may come for a refreshment. And oh my god, for our first day, right into the afternoon light, we had a group of 10 giraffes, dozens of wilder beast, zebras, oryx, warthogs, hippos playing in the water… was just missing a baboon holding a lion cub and the picture was there !
Surreal and magical moment ……….

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