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// Nikon D7200

We started the day with a visit of Twyfelfontein, famous for rock paintings done by early bushmen. First time doing a tour, and probably last time as well :p We ended up in a group of elderly people, struggling with the heat and the walk on rocks. It took ages to do the small loop, and our guide didn’t really care about the site or anything else, and audio guide would have been more useful….
Still interesting to see these painting and to get some explanations.

The best part of the day was thankfully still to come, on the drive north of Twyfelfontein, we met a herd of elephants with babies by the road. We’ve been told a few days later it is a very rare sight, since elephants usually hide in the bush and stay far from any road.
We stopped nearby and went on foot, still at safe distance (which is a few hundreds meters in that case). A magical sight, and finally a feeling to be in Africa 🙂
A few kilometers down the road, we met a group of zebras (and they do make a stupid sound :D) and a few springboks. Cannot get better than this on a few kilometers drive !

But the day was not over yet, while looking for a place to sleep, we drove a bit off road and went on metallic debris… One tire did not make it 🙁 Time for the first repair, I just had enough sunlight to fix it, and tire is holding pressure.

We didn’t spend much time enjoying the clear night sky since we are in the bush, and after all the gentle animals we saw today, there could be predators roaming in the area. Needless to say it was a bit stressful to walk between the 2 vehicles at night !

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  // Nikon D7200 Time to do groceries and to refuel, and we can now start the adventure aboard mister Fox, en route for the Spitzkoppe mountain ! Not a long drive, about 200kms + 50kms on sandy road, fairly easy with the van. But it’s interesting to see the difference between the roads south…

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Waiting for the van in WBay

  // Nikon D7200 On the way out of Sossusvlei, we spent a night a cricket infested area, and I have to say these bloody creatures are really creepy, and as big as your hand. At night, it’s even worst. You scan your area with the beam of a flashlight, clear the crickets out with…

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  // Nikon D7200 Time to get back in the desert. I have to plan and drive more carefully since we don’t have the same fuel economy on gravel roads with our toyota corolla. Refuel at Luderitz, then refuel 100kms later in Aus, before the long gravel road to Sossusvlei. This road gets pretty bad…

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Kolmanskop ghost town

  // Nikon D7200 | -26.63438 : 15.09162 | alt. 1m We didn’t wake up early since the ghost town of Luderitz doesn’t open before 10:30 today. That gives us time for a good breakfast in Luderitz, figure out the plan for today, and do the traditional wifi checkup. A little word about the ghost town….

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Quiver tree forest

  // Nikon D7200 | -26.63438 : 15.09162 | alt. 1m Once in Keetmanshoop, there is not much to see, and one of the very few things to do is visiting the Quiver tree forest and giants playground. They both are located within the same park, and the biggest surprise was at the reception : a…

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Fish river canyon

  // Nikon D7200 | -27.61945: 17.71424 | alt. 693m Mike was welcomed by a massive thunderstorm for his first day in Namibia 🙂 Something we hope won’t happen many times, the volume of water falling down is really impressive and it floods many roads in no time. As long as we don’t have the van, it’s…

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first sand dunes – road to Windhoek

  // Nikon D7200 | -22.55395 : 17.09322 | alt. 1650m Yesterday was pretty tough. I walked to the other side of the city (1 hour walk under the sun) to meet my agent. She’s gonna deal with all the paperwork on the Namibian side to clear my vehicle. On the way, I met a homeless…

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Walvis Bay

  // Nikon D7200 | -22.98041 : 14.48698 | alt. 14m We start this flight with a mistake from Emirates, saying I should claim my bag in Joburg, and go through immigration. That’s a surprise, as long as you make internationnal connections, you should never go to customs. (but happened once in Germany ). So went…

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mr Fox delivery

  // Nikon D7200 | 51.4419 : 0.7585 | alt. 10m Such a long way……. north, to start a trip in Africa from the south tip :p I’m glad I had friends on the way to make a few stops and to share a few drinks. A big THANK YOU to Sylvain and Mathias 🙂…

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